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Free Zone Monitor

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main purpose of Free Zone Monitor?
Free Zone Monitor is an electronic tool that will help you to measure, benchmark and rank free zones according to their attractiveness as potential investment location. By analyzing a wide selection of location factors, this software application allows th
Which functions does Free Zone Monitor feature?
Free Zone Monitor features three modules: 1) Free Zone Profile: module in which the user can select one Free Zone to retrieve an overview of its key incentives and customs benefits, target industries, eligibility criteria, locational features and contact details. 2) Benchmarking: module to evaluate, benchmark and rank the competitiveness of countries and Free Zones by selecting a wide variety of location (sub-)categories. 3) Benchmark with Weights: module which allows to assign weights to prioritize categories to benchmark the competitiveness of Free Zones given your specific needs and requirements.
Which level(s) of data does Free Zone Monitor cover?
Data featuring in Free Zone Monitor includes both country-level as well as free zone-level data. Apart from 133 location factors that measure the competitiveness of free zones, Free Zone Monitor includes data for a total of 68 country-level indicators. This data is available for countries in which Free Zones that feature in Free Zone Monitor are located. After all, free zones do not operate independently from the national investment climate. Free Zone Monitor also includes descriptive data on incentives, customs, target industries, eligibility criteria, locational features and contact details of free zones.
Where do we get our information and data from?
The source from which data has been collected depends on the data level. Country-level data has been retrieved from a number of globally renowned data sources and rankings (e.g. A.T. Kearney, Forbes, Heritage Foundation, IMD, Transparency International, UNCTAD, WEF and World Bank). The tool provides information on the exact source of each indicator. Data on free zones has been collected through an extensive survey distributed among World Free Zones Organization (World FZO) members and covers over a 100 questions that provide data for a wide variety of location factors.
How often is Free Zone Monitor data updated (monthly, quarterly, annually)?
Country-level data is updated on an annual basis whist data on free zones is updated periodically (i.e. when a free zone has completed a survey). Data updates will be announced in the news section at the landing page of Free Zone Monitor.
What Free Zones and countries are covered?
At the launch of the tool, 25 free zones across 13 countries from all corners of the world are covered. We expect this number to increase gradually.
In what report format does the data download into?
The data is downloaded into Microsoft Excel and PDF format with all the data fields. This allows the user to conduct their own analysis.
Does Free Zone Monitor cover full data coverage for every free zone?
No. This would be an impossible task as a wide variety of free zones - with each their unique features, incentives and services - exist across the globe. Different free zones attract different investors, companies and users. However, given the fact Free Zone Monitor covers more than 100 location factors for multiple free zones and allows for a benchmark that can be customized with weights according to the user’s preferences results in a unique and practical tool for free zone practitioners and investors.
How do we access Free Zone Monitor?
The tool is exclusively accessible for members of the World FZO.
How can a Free Zone feature in the Free Zone Monitor?
Free Zones that are member of the World FZO can contact us at to obtain a survey which covers all data necessary to feature in the Free Zone Monitor database and tool.